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Chassijet System

The Smarter Way To Wash

The smart alternative to manual chassis washing, the Chassijet is the 100% safe, efficient and cost effective solution.

With unmatched uniform cleaning performance achieved from our combination of high pressure, low water usage and oscillating sweeping jet design, the Chassijet is proven to provide consistent, reliable cleaning results for all road and rail vehicles.


Our fully CE complaint design and user programmable multi-step capability, allows for precise, targetable high pressure water to reach all the hard to clean places where dirt likes to build up whilst avoiding sensitive areas where required. 

With a full range of optional enhancements, including water recycling, oil and gas fried hot water modules plus many more, the Chassijet can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


Modular construction makes various installation options possible without the need for extensive builder’s work. We can build the system to fit the site, as well as advise on the best site to suit the system.

  • Full range of optional enhancements - Click Here to see the full list

  • Full range of service agreements - Click Here to see the full list

Chassijet Anchor
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