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System Chassijet currently offers an extensive range of high quality cleaning chemicals for hand application and use with pressure washers. A few examples are listed below, other chemicals are available upon request.

CDT101- Multiclean - A more budget friendly multi surface cleaner, Multiclean also acts as a traffic film remover for use in the transport industry. 

CDT102- Jetclean - Specifically formulated for System Chassijet, Jetclean is a heavy duty traffic film remover, with a built in sanitiser. Recommended for use with the Chassijet system.

CDT103- Super Foaming Tfr - Containing a special formula for high foaming, the Super Foaming Tfr is also complete with a wax rinse effect making it ideal for exterior cleaning with application via pressure washer.

CDT104- Super Polymer Wash and Wax- 'Simply the best wash and wax shampoo ever'. For exterior washing with application via hand, Super Polymer Wash and Wax offers a super shiny finish.

Chemicals available in 25 litres, 200 litres and 1000 litres IBC

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